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It took me THIS long to notice that Chromedome and Rewind are holding hands.


I swear, you can read these comics 1567 times and still not notice all the important details. And that is what makes MTMTE so great.

By the way, think about Cyclonus’s train of thought: he’s just told Tailgate “I know you think we share a bond but you’re wrong" and broke his vial of innermost energon. Said he doesn’t care about him. And now he notices two bots who obviously care care about each other. They’re holding hands; I imagine relieved Chromedome is talking very fast to Rewind (while Cyclonus has just said to Tailgate he doesn’t want to hear him talking). They’re holding hands, their bond is obvious. And then Cyclonus sees Chromedome is not the only one who cares about Rewind - and realizes he’s just rejected the only person who cares about him.




this is my new favorite video

Hercules reads his script entirely wrong
(reads the word disappointed, when he was supposed to sound disappointed)

New favorite thing to say when disappointed. 

I shout this all the time and I am only 70% sure people understand the reference

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